Attributes of Fine Jewelers & Jewelry Stores

Let’s be honest: Jewelry is pricey, and so it should be. Precious metals and stones have long been among humanity’s most prized possessions, and it’s only natural that their prices reflect this. But that chunk of change is only worth it if you can be sure you’re getting the best possible product from the most reputable jeweler.

If you’re wondering how to recognize top jewelry stores, look no further. Consider this your mini-guide to identifying the best jewelers and making sure you take your business somewhere it will be respected and appreciated. Let’s talk about what qualities you should look for in a jeweler, in their products and in the store itself.

The Marks of a Good Jeweler

Recognizing a good jeweler’s attributes is critical to ensuring you get the best possible experience when shopping for gems or jewelry. When you speak to a professional jeweler, you’ll know it immediately. First of all, their technical knowledge will be impressive. They not only know everything there is to know about high-end jewelry, they also have hands-on experience in design and manufacturing.

A good jeweler also offers highly personalized service, talking to you individually rather than letting associates or assistants take care of the service from beginning to end. He or she will be considerate and caring about your needs, and will demonstrate only the highest standards of personal and business ethics. And perhaps most importantly, they will take an enormous amount of pride in the beauty and quality of their products.

Superb Quality Products

The products themselves also matter a great deal. Looking for originality, beauty and detail in design. This goes for all engagement, wedding and anniversary jewelry, as well as more traditional stand-alone pieces: rings, earrings and any necklace or bracelet.

A quality jeweler will also use the finest materials in everything they do. This goes for metals as well as gemstones, such as diamonds. Of course, precious colored gemstones count a well: sapphire, ruby, emerald and tanzanite are just a few examples of the lovely stones you will find at a good jeweler

And lastly, you should expect to find superb craftsmanship from any jeweler worth their salt, so don’t hesitate to ask how pieces are made or about the quality of the materials used.

Attributes of Best Jewelry Stores

Finally, the jewelry store itself matters. How it operates, the welcoming vibe and the flexibility they can offer to customers are all important. For starters, jewelry stores should always, always offer a good deal. If you can’t trust them to offer fair prices, you shouldn’t be shopping there.

They should give first-class customer service, every time, regardless of customer’s spending budget or wealth. They should also offer a range of services, including advice and appraisal; buying, selling and trading; custom design and manufacturing; and repair of jewelry, watches and other like items. If your jeweler does not offer most of these services, that’s a good sign they may not be as reputable as other jewelers in the area, and you might want to look elsewhere.

A quality jeweler should also offer lifetime product warranty against defect or loss due to manufacturing process, and should have custom design and manufacturing capability so that you can request personalized designs for yourself or loved ones. Any jewelry store that doesn’t offer this is likely deficient in other areas as well.