Lab-Grown Diamonds are Tech’s Brilliant Gift to High-Jewelry Buyers

The biggest misconception about laboratory grown diamonds is that they contain or are made of synthetic materials.  

As a matter of fact, lab-grown diamonds are 100% real diamonds. Their chemical composition is exactly the same as mined diamonds. They are graded by the same globally accepted independent gemological laboratories such as GIA and IGI, using the same quality grading parameters: color, cut, clarity and size. If you look at a diamond’s report aka certificate issued by these reputable gemological laboratories, the only distinguishing information noted is that it is a lab-grown diamond.

Because of the considerable price difference between the two diamond types, especially when the diamond’s size and quality increase, the most commonly asked question is which diamond type is the better / wiser buy?

Below are the primary factors that determine prices of mined and grown diamonds at wholesale and retail levels:                             

TypeSupplyPriceViewed As
Mined DiamondsLimitedControlledNatural
Grown DiamondsUnrestrictedSet by MarketplaceMan-Made

So, which type of diamond do I recommend? Mined if A: You consider mined-diamonds to have a special sentimental value because they are made by nature & extracted from the earth and B: You won’t have to compromise on the quality or size of the diamond you want due to your budget. In all other cases, grown diamonds are recommended, especially for larger sizes in higher qualities as the price differential runs in tens, if not hundreds of thousands of dollars for these diamonds.